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    Airplane Parts > Fuel Tanks
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    180cc Nitro Fuel Tank

    Item No: 51870N
    Dimensions: 90*51*47mm
    Gross Weight: 46g
    Brand: CPV Racing
    260cc Nitro Fuel Tank

    Item No: 51871N
    Dimensions: 113*57*49mm
    Gross Weight: 57g
    Brand: CPV Racing
    380cc Gasoline Fuel Tank

    Item No: 51872G
    Dimensions: 127*70*58
    Gross Weight: 63g
    Brand: CPV Racing
    550cc Gasoline Fuel Tank

    Item No: 51875G
    Dimensions: 149*63*63mm
    Gross Weight: 89g
    Brand: CPV Racing
    550cc Nitro Fuel Tank

    Item No: 51875N
    Dimensions: 149*63*63mm
    Gross Weight: 91g
    Brand: CPV Racing
    800cc Gasoline Fuel Tank

    Item No: 51878G
    Dimensions: 141*92*68mm
    Gross Weight: 97g
    Brand: CPV Racing
    800cc Nitro Fuel Tank

    Item No: 51878N
    Dimensions: 141*92*68mm
    Gross Weight: 99g
    Brand: CPV Racing
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