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Accessories > Batteries > LiPo Battery
LiPo Rechargeable Battery - 22.2V 4500mAh 25C
Item No: LP45256
Dimensions: 130*60*44mm
Gross Weight: 660g
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Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery - 22.2V 4500mAh 25C

Safety Instruction

Please observe the requirement below

  • The maximum continuing discharge current°‹nominal multiplying power
  • The highest charge voltage°‹4.20V°Ńvolume of cell
Notice Items :
  • Do prevent the battery output from short circuit.
  • Do use battery with specified equipment.
  • Do not get into a microwave or heated place or a pressure-container or the place where generates static electricity.
  • Do use the specified charger and observe charging requirement (under 1C).
  • Do not connect input circuit with external power source directly.
  • Do not mix other types of battery in when using.
  • When the battery is in use or during charge, do not reverse connect.
  • Do not disassemble or reconstruct battery.
  • Do not put sharp objects together with the battery.
  • Do not use or charge the battery with conspicuous damage.
  • Keep the battery away from babies.
  • If skin or cloth is smeared with liquid from the battery, flush with fresh water.
  • Do not use a battery near fire, including the disused battery.
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