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Accessories > Battery Chargers
Blue Li-Polymer Balance Charger(w/ glow starter charger)
Item No: TEB5GB
Gross Weight: 463g
40% Off
For charging Li-Po,Li-IO,NiCd,NiMH,PB batteries ,w/ charger for glow starter

n Specification£º

u Material£º aluminum

u Color£º black

u Size£º143mm¡Á91mm¡Á35mm

u Weight£º463g

n Related information£º

u Input voltage£ºDC 11-18V

u Charge rate£º0.1-5A

u Balance charge rate£º200mAh/cell

u Max power£º50w

u With auto cooling fans to prevent overheat

u With glow starter charger

n Batteries allowed£º

u Ni-Cd/Ni-MH£º1-14 cells

u Li-Po/Li-IO£º1-5 cells

u Lead-acid£º6V / 12V

n Accessory£º

n Package dimension£º160mm¡Á130mm¡Á45mm

n Glow starter charging£º(TEB5GK Pictures)

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