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Accessories > Battery Chargers
SUPERPEAK AC/DC 4-8 Cell 4Amp Peak Charger
Item No: TE1881
Gross Weight: 1030g
AC230V or DC12V Power supply
  • Specification:
    • Material: plastic
    • Color: black
    • Weight: 1030g
    • Quantity: 1 pcs
    • Size: 114mmí┴76mmí┴64mm
    • Package: 180mmí┴120mmí┴70mm
  • Feature:
    1. For 4-8 cells Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries
    2. selectable charge rate:
      • AC 4-8 cells: 1 / 2 Amp
      • DC 4-7 cells: 1 / 2 / 4 Amp
    3. Advanced trickle charge
    4. 8 bits microchip CPU controller
    5. Output has a PTC resettable fuse for protection
    6. With a LED Indicator and a beeper to indicate the charging status
    7. Reverse and short circuit protection
  • Operation Instruction:
    1. This charger can be powered either by alternating curren(AC)230V or by direct current(DC)12V. AC and DC sources can not be together used at the same time.
    2. When power supply is on, the beeper will sound and the indicator will flash once.
    3. Connect up the battery pack, the charger beep again; the LED will repeatedly blink until you begin the charging progress.
    4. Select the the charge rate based on the battery capacity rating. Take a look at "Charge Time".
    5. Push the Start button to begin the charger process
    6. Once the battery has peaked, the LED will flash, and the beeper will sound for about 30 seconds. If the battery pack is still left connected, the indicator will continue to flash, and the beeper will sound approximately every 90 seconds.
    7. When charging is finished, remove the battery immediately after power supply is off.
  • Recharging:
    • Once the battery pack has reached its saturation and is on trickle charge (the indicator will flash, and the beeper will sound for 30 seconds), you can recharge the battery by simply pushing the Start button without disconnecting the battery from charger. Don't recharge the battery more than once during a charging procedure.
  • Charge Time:
    The following are the approximate minutes needed for charging after batteries are fully discharged.Please note these are estimated minutes only.
    • 1 Amp
      •  600mAh TX/RX Pack: 36 minutes
      •  700mAh TX/RX Pack: 42 minutes
      • 1000mAh TX/RX Pack: 60 minutes
    • 2 Amp
      • 1000mAh TX/RX Pack: 30 minutes
    • 4 Amp
      • 1500mAh 6-cell Sub-C Car Pack: 23 minutes
      • 2000mAh 6-cell Sub-C Car Pack: 30 minutes
      • 3000mAh 6-cell Sub-C Car Pack: 45 minutes
      • 3300mAh 6-cell Sub-C Car Pack: 49 minutes
      • 3800mAh 6-cell Sub-C Car Pack: 57 minutes
  • Caution:
    • Always take close attention to the charging while charging.
    • Keep the charger in a cool and ventilative condition during every charging.
    • The charger can not be connected together to AC230V and DC12V power source at the same time.
    • While an automobile is running, the charger is not allowed for connection with its 12V current of the vehicle.
    • Note that the positive pole and the negative pole should be properly connected.
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